Meet the Team


  • Jeanette Koski

  • Taylor Hoyt
    Vice-President (Interim)

  • Sarah Gray

  • Jesse Montgomery
    OTA Representative

  • Alyssa Gourley
    Member at Large

  • Anne Kirby


Regional Representatives

Click here to learn more about the UOTA regions or contact us to volunteer. 

  • Jenn Mitchell
    Region 1

  • Vacant
    Region 2

  • Stephanie Polukoff
    Region 3

  • Amy Anderson
    Region 4

  • Chelsie Richardson
    Region 5

  • Vacant
    Region 6


AOTA Liason

  • Brian Connors
    AOTA Liason


Committee Chairpersons

  • Brooki Sexton
    Members Services

  • Heidi Hanley
    Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

  • Matt Boudero
    Website Committee

  • Florentina Gustai
    Government Affairs

  • Jenny Ng
    Newsletter/Public Relations

  • Taelor Coyle
    Continuing Education

  • Caitlin Winters
    U of U student rep

  • Angela Breeland
    SLCC student rep


Special Interest Section Chairs

  • Nick Sidwell
    Community SIS chair (liason)

  • Anna McTish
    Pediatric SIS chair

  • Tina McNulty
    Mental Health SIS chair

  • Bill Bates
    Rehabilitation SIS chair

  • Dana Dunbar
    Geriatric SIS chair