UOTA Committees

Bylaws, Policies, & Procedures

Bylaws, Policies, & Procedures is an ongoing committee that assures internal documents are current and contemporary, and that meetings and infrastructure workings of the Association are well-run within the confines of rules established by the members. Committee members are assigned specialized projects that require detail and alignment between internal documents and oversight of member and leader practices.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is an ongoing committee that sets up continuing education events sponsored by the Association. These events may be in partnership with another organization or not. This committee has oversight for online courses offered by the UOTA. Committee members are involved with the many facets of planning and executing continuing education events and courses.

Government Affairs

Government Affairs is an ongoing committee responsible for addressing legislative needs for occupational therapy in Utah. This committee has several sub-committees of special interest. Committee members provide active outreach to recruit members in contacting government representatives and to promote an understanding of legislation that would benefit occupational therapy in Utah.

Member Services

Member Services is an ongoing committee that keeps a roster of the membership of the UOTA. This committee strategizes how to increase membership and campaigns ideas and events for that purpose. Committee members are involved in specialized assignments keeping member spreadsheets up to date, answering member questions, checking persons for active or inactive membership status if seeking an elected/appointed position or receiving an award, and creating membership campaigns.

Nominations & Recognitions

Nominations & Recognitions is an ongoing committee responsible for bringing in names of members to fill vacant positions. Committee members are responsible to reach out to the membership to find members interested in having a volunteer leadership opportunity. Committee members set up a yearly ballot for elected positions and review award nominations submitted by members.

Public Relations

Public Relations is an ongoing committee responsible for marketing the UOTA. The committee is responsible to keep a tally of occupational therapy personnel who serve on various agencies in Utah and to recruit appropriate representatives for agencies so that occupational therapy is well represented. Committee members may develop creative designs for specialized marketing campaigns to promote occupational therapy to the Utah community.

Annual Conference Committee

Annual Conference Committee is an ad hoc committee which plans for an annual conference of the UOTA yearly. Committee work is seasonal and although planning meetings may be year-round, more involvement is required a few months before the annual conference scheduled in the fall each year. This committee is separate from the continuing education committee. Committee members are assigned specialized projects required for a successful annual conference event.