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January 2021

Charity Davis, OT/L, Region 1

Q & A:

1. What setting do you work in?

Home Health and Inpatient Rehab

2. How long have you been working in this profession and setting? 

Graduated in 2000 from Loma Linda University a year before it was switched to a master's program.  I spent 4 years in a skilled nursing facility rehab full time with home health PRN until I started having kids in 2004.  I then worked as a contract therapist doing home health specializing in specialty wheelchair evaluations and home safety evals and got my Assistive Technology Professional credential. I enjoyed contracting with Agrability (Assistive Technology for Farmers) for a few years. When my three kids were in school about 2013, I started working home health a few hours a week and slowly eased back into PRN work at Transitional Care Facilities. I currently continue PRN work at a couple Transitional care facilities, Northern Utah Rehab Hospital, Encompass Home Care, and Rehab Without Walls. I have often covered for full time positions at each of these settings while they look to fill the jobs. The ebb and flow and flexibility of PRN has worked well for me as I raise my kids.

3. What led you to pursue occupational therapy as your profession? 

I got my CNA license at age 15. I worked at a nursing home where Ben DeHaan, OT would have a whole hour to work with one patient with morning ADL's and help them learn how to help themselves again. I was jealous having to race to dress 10 people before breakfast and no option to let them do it themselves if I wanted to get done in time. My mom was a nurse at the same place and introduced me to him and I job-shadowed at his work at the hospital. I was hooked. I was able to get an Associate Degree in Pre-Occupational Therapy at Rick's College right out of High School and graduated with my OT degree 4 years after High School.

4. What is one thing industry related you learned in the last month? 

Just when you think you've met every personality out there in patients after 20 years, someone says something so off the wall you have to laugh and give them credit for throwing you off your groove.

5. One person who inspires you? 

I'm inspired by the exceptional patients who actually follow through with your exercises after discharge and it's given them increased independence and deceased pain. I've been a patient of physical therapy over the years and know how hard it is to actually keep doing those exercises so my hat goes off to those who actually do.

 6. What is your favorite place in the world

Riding through mountain aspen/pine forests on horseback with my family. We've owned horses for almost 20 years, my best memories involve our horses.

 7. What was the last book that you read? 

"Not Yet, Near Life Experiences and Lessons"  by Jeff O'Driscoll, MD

 8. Any hobbies or interests? 

Writing inspirational music. Singing in choirs and attending every concert my kids participate in. My 16 year old daughter plays the oboe, my 14 year old son plays cello, my 12 year old son plays drums and all are singing in choirs currently.

 9. What is one of your greatest achievements? 

I was selected as "Therapist of the Year 2019" for BrightSpring a nationwide home health company that is a parent company for Rehab Without Walls. It was a huge surprise. I was nominated for the impact I made with a quadriplegic patient I'd worked with for over a year.

10. What are you passionate about? 

Advocating for my 16 year old daughter with multiple chronic illness conditions. I have a researcher heart and won't give up on finding answers and doctors to ease her pain and help her succeed.

 11. What are some goals that you have on your bucket list?

Recording an album or 5, I have over 50 songs waiting to be fleshed out. I used to run marathons and would love to improve my health enough to enjoy running again.

 12. A fun fact about you that people may not know about you. 

I've eaten squirrel, bullfrog and carp this year. My 14 year old boy cooks up everything he catches that's safe to eat and I love to support him in his hunting endeavors.

13. If you had to eat one meal everyday for the rest of your life what would you choose? 

That sounds miserable, I love eating a variety… But for fun, I'd have to say I love a Zupas half berry salad and panini sandwich with their infusion honey drinks and a chocolate strawberry! I think I could survive on that for a while without complaining.