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Each month the Utah OT Association will be spotlighting a member from a different region in the state. If you would like to nominate someone to be spotlighted, please contact your regional representative. To comment and congratulate members on their spotlight, go to the Utah Occupational Therapy Association Facebook page.

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August 2022

Member Spotlight from Region 1 (Box Elder, Cache, Davis, Morgan, Rich, and Weber counties)

Q & A:

1. Name and credentials?

Lauren Devall, COTA/L

2. What setting do you work in?

Outpatient pediatrics

3. How long have you been working in this profession and setting?

5 years, I’ve been working in peds that entire time.

4. What led you to pursue occupational therapy as your profession?

I was changing careers and knew I wanted to be in a “helping profession.” I also knew I wanted a job that wouldn’t be the same every day, where I wasn’t working behind a desk, and wouldn’t have to wear high heels. I got all three!

5. What is one thing industry related you learned in the last month? 

That AOTA has multiple levels of membership, so I can choose to get OT Practice online!

6. Who inspires you?

My boss, Peter. He’s been a mentor of mine for years and I’m always impressed by his energy, compassion, and amazing sense of style.

7. What is your favorite place in the world

My kitchen. I love cooking and I use that time to unwind, think through my day, or listen to my favorite podcasts.

 8. What was the last book that you read? 

Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell. I just finished it last night and I highly recommend it!

 9. Any hobbies or interests? 

I love rock climbing and I recently have gotten into lead climbing, which is a fun (sometimes scary) challenge. I spend a lot of time hiking with my dogs. I also teach dance through a Ballet West outreach program called ICANDO. I love working with the program and I learn so much that I can also utilize my OT clients.

 10. What is one of your greatest achievements? 

My marriage. I know it sounds silly but I take a lot of pride in our relationship and how solid it is. Being married is not always easy but I am so grateful for my partner.

11. What are you passionate about? 

Helping people and making the world a little bit better every day.

 12. What are some goals that you have on your bucket list?

A lot of my goals are travel related. I really want to spend a month in Africa.

 13. A fun fact about you that people may not know about you. 

I have my advanced scuba diver certification. My husband and I got certified together in 2020 and since then we’ve been on 2 dive trips.

14. If you had to eat one meal everyday for the rest of your life what would you choose? 

Anything with pasta

15. What is the best thing about being a member of the UOTA?

Supporting the advocacy that the organization does for us on a local and state level. The OT community in Utah is so strong and I’m always impressed by the ambitious goals that they take on and accomplish.