Interstate Compact

Do you wish to keep tabs nationally on which states have added an Occupational Therapy Interstate Compact to their state's licensure? 

Remember, it may be up to 18 months once a bill passes, before implementation will begin--as it requires logistics to be worked out with each state's licensure board and department of occupational & professional licensing. 
To seek answers about Utah's implementation timeline, contact the Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing.


It is Official... Governor Cox has Signed the Utah Occupational Therapy Interstate Compact into Law!

Utah is now the 14th State with a Compact!

Congratulations to us, Team UOTA/AOTA!

Thank you for acting on behalf of the OT profession, and for your daily dedication to your community!


If you have any questions about the difference between interstate compacts and universal licensure reciprocity—please visit these links.