Camille Terry - OTA Representative

Hi, my name is Camille Terry. I graduated from Ameritech in 2020 having done all of my fieldwork in post-acute and rehab settings …. during the pandemic, and lived to tell about it. I tumbled happily into school-based practice and have been here since then, with some home health on the side to keep my brain active and up-to-date in that field. I love occupational therapy as a profession because I am given opportunities to be able to help others through play and in creative ways. My journal-worthy days usually include a break through moment with a student, or having a conversation with a geriatric patient leaving a little more wise.

I am interested in the OTA Representative position because I want to help support other COTAs and would love to get to know and make connections with others in the OT field across the state. I have a deep love of family, and at the end of the day, they are my life’s purpose. My family of six children, their spouses, plus 6 amazing and beautiful grandbabies love being outdoors and traveling together, and create what I call, happy chaos whenever we get together.