Past Award Recipients

UOTA Award of Excellence in Practice

Purpose: To give recognition to an Occupational Therapy professional that has demonstrated excellence in- practice, research, education and/or collaboration, and who has contributed to the enhancement of the profession of Occupational Therapy in the state of Utah.

2021 Recipient: Robyn Thompson

2019 recipient: Annie Wallace & Christopher Noren

2018 recipient: Vanessa Rapier

2017 recipient: Andrew Bracken

2016 recipient: Trent Brown

2015 recipient: JoAnne Wright

2014 recipient: Kasey Mitchell

2013 recipient: Nikki Bernhard

2012 recipient: Brooke Pohlman

UOTA Bonnie Held Award of Service


To give recognition to an Occupational Therapy professional that has demonstrated excellence in service to- OT practice, the UOTA organization and the community.

2021 Recipient: Vanessa Rapier

2020 recipient: Krisanne Lewis

2019 recipient: Jeanette Koski

2018 recipient: Florentina Mueller-Planitz

2017 recipeint: Eunice Chen

2016 recipient: Yda Smith

2015 recipient: Kasey Mitchell

2014 recipient: JoAnne Wright

2013 recipient: Brooki Sexton

2012 recipient: Pollie Price

UOTA OT/OTA Partnership Award


To give recognition to an occupational therapist and an occupational therapy assistant residing and working in the state of Utah, who exemplify the professional partnership through collaborative efforts that promote the occupational therapy profession, and to provide motivation for OT/OTA partnerships throughout the state to contribute to the innovative progression of occupational therapy through OT/OTA partnerships.

2021 Recipients: Tina Williams and Kayley Crane

2020 recipients: Lyndsay Fait & Mary Pugh

2019 recipients: MaryAnn Gunnuscio & Natalie Mudrow and Bradford Woolston & Sarah Gray

2018 recipients: Ashley Brewer & Taylor Hoyt

2017 recipients: Mona Agamez & MaryAnn Gunnuscio

2016 recipients: Bonnie Eckman & Stormy Hilll​

2015: no nominations

2014 recipients: Cheryl Woodard & Aubrey Jenson

2013: no nominations

2012: no nominations