Utah Occupational Therapy Association Grant Program

The Utah Occupational Therapy Association (UOTA) awards grants as part of its mission to advance occupational therapy in the state of Utah. The purpose of this grant program is to provide funding for novel projects that will facilitate growth and development of the occupational therapy profession in the state of Utah.  The UOTA Values include: 1. Engaging the members and the community through effective communication. 2. Promoting continuing professional competency through quality education and research. 3. Creating visibility for the profession through assertive promotion of occupational therapy in the workplace and community.

UOTA will consider for applications for grant funding for projects including new clinical or community programs that serve Utah residents, occupational therapy research projects, and programs that serve occupational therapy practitioners in the state of Utah. The funding would be good for up to one-year for a project.

Note: UOTA does not allow for a flat Allowance for “Administrative” or “Indirect” Costs as a part of grant budgets. Many universities and centers often apply organizational overhead expenses as “indirect costs” to external grants as a percentage allowance to help pay for general costs like electricity, other utilities, and other distributed expenses. UOTA does not allow its funds to be applied in that manner. UOTA does allow for specific administrative supplies needed for the project, for example: folders, blank CDs, thumb drives, and related consumable items.

Applications for the 2018 grant cycle will be due February 2nd.

To apply, complete the application and send by email to caitlin.haley@gmail.com. In the body of the email, please include the following information:

  • project director(s)
  • organization name
  • valid contact information

Click here to download the application.


Application Instructions

To allow for a blind grant review process, please do not indicate the names of the project director or the organization in the application. Provide information about your project in the following sections:

*Project title. Provide a title for the project

*Statement of need. Provide a succinct statement describing the need for the project

*Project objectives. Provide up to 4 specific objectives of the project

*Purpose of project and description. Provide a detailed description of the project, including the purpose, evidence to support the need for the project, and information about the population to be served. Include adequate details about how the project will be carried out and how the objectives will be met.

*Budget. Provide a categorized budget of requested funds for the project.

*Timeline. Provide a timeline that lays out how the project will be completed within a one-year timeframe.

The application should not exceed 2 pages in length (single-spaced, minimum of size 11 font). Appendices will not be reviewed.


Additional Information

  • Grant requests for approximately $200 - $1,500 will be considered.
  • Awardees will be required to present about their project at the annual Utah Occupational Therapy Association Conference within two years of award receipt.

Note: Grant monies will be disbursed to organizations rather than individuals. UOTA reserves the right to not award any grants if none of the submitted applications are deemed appropriate uses of organization funds.